The mandate to commence Dunamis International Gospel Centre was received in the Month of May, after Dr. Paul Enenche travelled to a mountainous area to be alone with God during a three days fast to hear from God and receive direction for his life and destiny. (See full story at our brief history).

The annual Destiny Recovery Convention is organized by Divinity to do for people, what God did for Dr. Paul and Dr. Becky in the Month of May 1996. As a result, this conference is always a time where people are set free from the cross roads of life and set on the right path and plan of Heaven.

The conference is always stamped with the heavy Presence and Principles of God to dissolve the spell of confusion, affliction and every limiting factor that has held people from being in God’s plan for their lives.

Come and receive Divine direction for destiny fulfillment in the next conference.

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