‘There are so many useless rich men in Nigeria’ – Dr. Paul Enenche blasts looters

For the umpteenth time, Dr. Paul Enenche, Senior Pastor, Dunamis International Gospel Centre has poured out his heart on the state of the nation – Nigeria.
Dr. Enenche, who has been vocal against the bad governance in the nation, said it is lamentable that the rich keeps oppressing the poor to get richer while the poor gets poorer in a country acclaimed to be the giant of Africa. According to him, some political leaders have been in power for years, yet, their communities lack basic social amenities.
Speaking on Sunday during a live service monitored on Dunamis TV at Area 1, Abuja headquarters of his church, Dr. Enenche, who spoke on the topic, Wisdom for Finances, said some leaders go about spending money on frivolous things while their subjects suffer in abject poverty.
He queried, “How many rooms can somebody sleep in one night? How many cars can somebody drive at once?
“I heard one time that some people went to a rich man’s house to work and when they opened the ceiling only to discover wads of dollars stacked up there which were spoiling. It is said that such money benefited or profited nobody. In fact, some people are so addicted to money, not knowing that addiction leads to destruction.
“There are so many foolish and useless rich men in Africa and Nigeria. I don’t know of any country has more money in foreign accounts than this nation. All languishing away!
“Unemployment like water, communities that parade rich men are dying of no potable drinking water. We have communities of big men where there are no hospitals and no access roads. What a ‘yeyecious’ and useless bigness of life,” he added.
Dr. Enenche during service gave an instance of a popular medical doctor from Anambra State, who had many hospitals around the world and decided to turn his village around.
According to him, the God-fearing medical doctor went to his village, demolished all the idols and changed the name to Umuchuckwu (Children of God’s community).
He said the doctor also erected an 16-storey building diagnostic center for his people, tarred their roads, sent children to school, provided them with basic amenities and he’s still living in a rented apartment.
He quipped, “That is money with meaning. What if we have just one thousand of such persons in Nigeria, this country would have been like America.
“But sad enough, all they do is to fly from America to India and from India to Dubai and other foreign countries on medical tourism, empty Nigeria’s treasury just to make other countries rich.
“Put billions of dollars in another country so they can use it to develop themselves and when the greedy rich man dies, that country takes over the money. That is what we know how to do here.
“So sad we have this mentality of not letting others to rise, you have seen instances where a man sees his bother’s name for appointment and knocks it off because he does not want him or anyone else to rise. Beloveth, note this, riches without outreach equals wretchedness,” he added.
He revealed further, “I recall when some Americans came to Nigeria some years ago and they said they wanted to see how an African village looks like. It was in Benue State.
“So, I asked one of the pastors whose village was close by to take us there because mine is like an hour ahead.
“We went to the village and saw many huts and the people entered and asked, where is the air conditioner? And we told them, that is the air conditioner there, if you open the small window there, air will come in and condition the room. They asked for toilet and were shocked there was none in the hut.
“See what happened, we stepped into four huts, and we told the people, because we have stepped into these huts, we are breaking them down and building new houses with modern materials.
“We also went to the primary school opposite same place and we decided to rebuild the school.
“When it was commissioned, the deputy governor of the state went with us.
“Amazingly, it was during the commissioning that the village head told us that those huts we entered belonged to some orphans, but we never knew.
“He said the huts belonged to children whose parents had died and they had no money to even change the thatched roof. Rain was beating them during the rainy season inside the same huts.
“They had to labour on farms to fend for themselves. We were not aware of all these before we took our action.
“We didn’t go there with such intention, but we saw the need and God quickened our heart to change their story.
“This is amidst countless other community development projects we have consistently embarked upon over the years.
“I am not here to score any point, God knows, the only reason I said this is because examples communicate principles, illustrations communicate instruction.
“Note this, you are not rich with the amount of money or things you have, you are rich with number of people you have reached.”
The cleric also prayed against killers and their sponsors in the nation, averring that anyone behind the killings in the nation will know no peace.

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